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Regional French Cuisine

Learning french while cooking and eating with the Chef

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Mom's special

Busy Mom? You think you don't have the time to cook? Are you worrying that your family doesn't get good nutritious meal?
The heath of your family start at meal time.

My name is David Amar, I learn how to cook and enjoy food early in life, and later got a professional degree and apprenticeship for 2 years in various restaurants in alternation with cooking school in the south of France. I have
successfully held different positions in restaurants across the broad culinary spectrum. I honed my skills as an apprentice, a cook and a chef.
I've taken good healthy home-cooked food for granted until I understood how lucky I was to have been brought up in it.
 Cooking is a second nature to the people from countries with a strong culinary culture. The approach to everyday meal seems effortless, light-hearted and more importantly... enjoyable. Gathering around the table for the family meal is a bond building experience renewed at least once a day.
My goal is to share not only my professional experience, but also the philosophy around choosing, cooking and sharing the meal. I want to give you the tools to develop your own innate organization and thought process.
Let me help you

Mom's special sessions are a long time base, no commitment program and as always:
 your schedule, your pace.
2h session min, $35 per hour.