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Regional French Cuisine

Learning french while cooking and eating with the Chef

Seattle cooking Lessons
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Offering cooking classes in Seattle and greater Seattle area

From your kitchen and using your own cookware and appliances

Cooking Parties - Cultural dinner - invite your friends and family


Chef David is a newly arrived French chef in town, coming from his native Provence, he is bringing to Seattle a perfect marriage of modern techniques and traditional recipes from the four corners of France

Scallops in a creamy mushroom, pears and bleu cheese sauce

I would offer you to learn French cuisine and French language while cooking and eating. You will also learn how to make the most important item on a French table … BREAD. As an alternative to going out, why not stay in and have an authentic French fun evening sharing and learning with your friends and family?
Cooking is not a job for me, but a passion. I come from a lineage and culture where the meal is the essence of life. From the forest and the fields to the sharing of the meal for me, it is the fabric that weaves everything together.  Not only am I very careful of the origin and the quality of the products I use, but too, the social aspect and their day-to-day impact.
Chef David.

Join me for a hands on cooking lesson followed by an authentic culinary experience.
French cooking lessons in Seattle and greater Seattle area.
Classes for all ages

Pork and chicken liver pate with pistachio, truffle, Cognac and Porto.

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