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Regional French Cuisine

Learning french while cooking and eating with the Chef

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Plan your dinner party with Chef David

You have decided to plan a cooking party, with family or friends, and you also want to learn the traditional way, a little bit of the lingo, a little bit of french, and a little bit about history and origins of regional recipes.

I have extensive experience with birthdays, family and friends gathering, romantic evening, classmates reunion, team bonding activities...

A typical lesson includes:
- bread making.
- A few meals.
- Knife skills.
- The knowledge to replicate it.
- 3 courses and their recipes, with my personal tips.
- It is your own lesson, and you don't have to share the attention of the instructor with 12 (at least) other students.
- I come to your place.
- At a convenient time for you.

On the "contact us" page you will find a questionnaire about you and your guests.
By answering these few questions, I will be able to create for you a custom dinner, suiting any special dietary restrictions, time schedules, budgets and palates.



A dinner lesson FFFF (French, folklore, food and fun)

  A dinner lessons stretch out on two different nights,  utilizing  some of the same ingredients, transformed and revisited.

 As for example, making baguette bread and  a duck breast entree, using the duck carcass for other dishes and a delicious broth for the future.
 The second night, we use the broth and left over bread as a base to make a delicious french classic, onion soup.

This lesson plan is dedicated to the wisest and most resourceful cooks of all: MOMS.
They are really at the base of most cuisine in the world, having to show incredible stamina to cook for their family everyday. And because of their infinite imagination they make that task almost seem natural, always reinventing left overs.

1st meeting always free

$25 per hour:  planning of the menu, communication

$45 per hour during cooking lessons

Dependent upon location, transportation expenses may be applied.

Gratuity optional.

Sample invoice for a party
 Service # hours
$25 per hour:  planning of the menu, travel, communication
    $45 per hour during cooking/French lessons
Ingredients costs vary depending on the menu

Beverage costs vary depending on the menu


(or $42,50 per person for a party of six)

This invoice must only be considered as an example and not as an estimate. Time, and location, may vary and impact the cost. An estimate will be given only when a menu is agreed upon.