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Regional French Cuisine

Learning french while cooking and eating with the Chef

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Contact Chef David by e-mail directly from this site.

Where? When? How? Who? What? Information sheet

By answering the following questions prior to our second meeting, you can save me time, and yourself money.

Are there any dietary or allergic restrictions amongst your guests?   
What is your budget? (Approx. range)   
How many guests have you invited?   
What type of event are you planning? (sit down coursed dinner, passed hors d’oeuvres, buffet style)   
What type of beverage are you wanting? (Alcoholic, non-alcoholic, both)   
If alcoholic beverage, what is your preference? (no host bar, full bar, wine only, champagne only)   
Do you have something (food or wine) very specific that you would like to have offered/served this evening?   
Would you like coffee service offered?   
Do you have any concerns with raw milk cheeses, raw food (ie tartare) etc?