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Regional French Cuisine

Learning french while cooking and eating with the Chef

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Chef David Amar

David was born in Aubenas, France, in 1982.
He grew up in a cooking environment at home with his mother.
His father was a career gendarme and so they moved all over France, which got David impassioned with the different regions.
Every summer was spent in Provence, near Toulon, at his grand parent's place, where his grand mother cooked for all the family, and David helped.
David comes from a long line of Chef, his great great grand mother, Marie Cancel, was the personal chef of the Lieutenant-colonel Bouton. Once, the general de Gaule was invited for dinner, and found the meal to be so good, went personaly congratulate her with a kiss in her kitchen.


David got into cooking on the late, he studied first biology, and got 2 degrees in land and species management, with the ministry of forest and wildlife of France
Then Studied tourism management, with the idea of becoming a wildlife guide.
After many trips to Ireland, David decided to get a cooking degree in his home-town of Arles to later settle in Cork city.
So he got his cooking degree, but never moved back to Ireland ... the 15th of Sept 2006 in a casual little provencal restaurant, David met with renowned artist Carla Grahn from Seattle WA, they fell in love and married 9 month later on the 2nd of june 2007.